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Ofuro Bathtub

Japanese ofuro tubs were created as short, steep wooden bathtubs. They differ from conventional western bathtubs in that they have a deeper construction, typically in the range of 0.6 m. The sides are generally square rather than sloping, and traditionally such a tub has no overflow drainage. This Japanese classic gets a modern twist with Aquatica’s breathtakingly beautiful True Ofuro Japanese Seated Soaking Tub.

True Ofuro is handcrafted from American walnut and invigorates body and soul as well as Japan’s revered bathing culture. The bathtub is designed with comfort in mind: an integrated seat creates an ergonomic position for bathers and allows the entire body to be immersed – no cold spots, no restless bending over when trying to stay underwater, and perhaps best of all no uncomfortable resting with your head up The bathtub has an ergonomic headrest instead.

There are also different woods: In addition to walnut, you can choose between maple, ash, padouk, oak or sapele. Aquatica also offers versions of the company’s patented AquateX material. This is a durable finish with a modern look that is stunning in itself. And maybe even better, it’s cheaper than the wooden version. Colors available in AquateX include several variations of black, gray, brown, blue, green, red, and yellow.

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