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Newest Kitchen Backsplash Trends

There is no kitchen without a backsplash, and it can be a matching part of the decor or a contrasting one to make a statement. A backsplash is always supposed to be functional and practical for certain reasons, and of course it should look good. We’ve prepared the hottest trends in backsplashes for those of you who haven’t made a choice or just want an edgy makeover. Let’s look at all of them!

Black backsplashes

Black is a timeless color that never goes out of style and blends in well with any color combination. Regardless of whether you’re using a contrast or a matching look in a monochrome room, a black backsplash is a great idea. Choose tiles of different shapes and mark them with white grout or choose black grout for a moody feeling in your kitchen. Chalkboard backsplashes are also welcome! This is a cool, functional, and budget-friendly way to rock a trendy black backsplash. Plus, it’s no less practical than a tile.

Marble backsplashes

Marble is a timeless and sophisticated material that will instantly add chic to your space. You can opt for a sleek marble backsplash for a sophisticated look, or for tiles – subway, hexagon, long and narrow, or any other – that will suit any kitchen style. Marble goes well with metallic accents, especially brass and copper. They give a glamorous feeling.

Oversized tiles

Oversized decorations and furniture are one of the hottest trends right now, and the same goes for tile. Large and oversized tiles will definitely make your backsplash stand out, even if the color is very neutral and if it’s bold, such a backsplash will become a show stopper. Choose the tiles with contrasting colors and enjoy the effect created!

Silver backsplashes

Metallic hues are very popular for decorations and when we use backsplashes it is all about silver. Silver tile backsplashes of any shape are welcome – such a shade can be combined with almost anything, from neutral to dark shades. Opt for eye-catching geometric shapes and looks that will delight the kitchen.

Chevron backsplashes

Chevron is a classic pattern that always gets to the point and you can add it anywhere you want and of course adding it to the kitchen backsplash is a cool idea. Choose any color and accentuate the tiles even more with contrasting grout. Enjoy!

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