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New Modern Wall Mounted Washbasin Cabinets by Qin

The tradition of Q’IN Vetreria Gobbini begins in the 1960s. The company has always been a craft business that invented new crystal items, like crystal tops with built-in sinks. They are still successful and keep developing new models to keep their original idea alive. A glass washbasin in combination with a beautiful, high-gloss lacquered finish in different colors are the main features of the new Q’IN models. They can add elegance and a sleek, modern style to any bathroom. Cabinets could also be decorated with different patterns, which offers a variety of ways to be original. It has never been easier to incorporate vibrant colors into your bathroom suite, but new furniture is available in black and white which is much easier to incorporate. This funky modern bathroom furniture is a great and attractive choice that is also very customizable. Visit the website of Q’IN Vetreria Gobbini to learn more about the other furniture.

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