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New Chairs And Space Dividers

Modern design is not just about looking for new shapes and designs, it is also about creating innovative materials. Philipp Hainkes Organico presented a collection of chairs and room dividers that combine nature and technology with a material that contributes to a new and sustainable way of thinking about materiality and product life cycles.

Using an adhesive made from calcium hydroxide and casein, the designer pressed hemp fibers and poured them into solid forms. Extensive research has found the optimal composition and structure for a sandwich material with a cover made of hemp fiber mat and a core made of hemp shives, which is stable and light at the same time. The look is reminiscent of felt, but is much more functional and newer. These are environmentally friendly and natural materials that are more durable than ordinary felt.

The collection preserves the archaic character of the resources with a clear design that does not lose its sensuality, the colors are more natural and muted, nothing too bold. Such furniture and decorations fit into a modern room and are intended to be used in clusters. Let yourself be inspired!

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