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Neutral Rustic Kitchen Design

Cooking is all about creativity, even art, and designing a cool kitchen is an important part that should inspire people to create. This kitchen is a creation by Spanish designers that is all about comfort and convenience in a rustic style.

The kitchen has a neutral color palette with textured wood and floors and curtains that complement the colors. A soothing color palette isn’t the only thing that’s great here, it shows off smart furniture placement. Kitchen cabinets are on two walls to make the kitchen more spacious. The third wall has an alcove in which a large refrigerator and several shelves for groceries are embedded. Every inch of the kitchen is used for storage, there are two niches for sauces and oils. Thanks to open storage and transparent containers, food and utensils decorate the kitchen itself. Herbs play the same role on the windowsill.

Here and there there are many unique details and details, for example a sink that is not made of metal but of ceramic. Check out this beautiful kitchen and get inspired!

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