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Neutral Nurseries

Neutral colors are very popular for home decor, as they visually expand the room, make it airy, flooded with light and at the same time appear timeless. They are popular for decorating any space, from the home office to the bedroom, and children’s rooms are no exception. There are many styles that you can use to create a neutral space: Scandinavian, Contemporary, Modern, Vintage, Shabby Chic, Farmhouse and so on. Today we’re looking at neutral kindergartens – not gender neutral, but color neutral.

Colors and prints

Neutral means neutral: choose white, creamy white, beige, light brown, dove gray, light gray, light green (natural green) and light wood tones. You can also add a touch of pastel colors if you want – depending on your gender or whatever you want, or if you throw in a darker shade. Add prints – plaid, stripes, polka dots, and geometry, or choose different textures – fur, jute, wood, leather, and other things to avoid boring looks.


A cot, a changing table and a chest of drawers are a must for every kindergarten. Then you can add a rocker, sofa, wardrobe and some shelves. You can go for vintage or contemporary furniture and make an eclectic mix of it as you like. Not only can you opt for neutral furniture, but you can also try light and natural wood tones to make the room more interesting.

Decor and accessories

Go for a trendy gallery wall, think potted greens and blooms, toy shelves and displays that are shaped in different ways – as houses, as stars or hearts, and so on. Textured layered carpets add coziness and texture. Various larger toys create an ambience.

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