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Nature Inspired Wallpaper Ideas

Bringing nature into the home is the most popular idea today, and there are many ways to do it: potted plants and trees, printed fabrics and furniture, indoor gardens and skylights, and some simpler ideas – nature-inspired wallpapers and decals that are the best idea for wall decor this year. If you want to add a trendy twist to the room, take a look below!

Botanical and floral wallpaper

Botanical and floral wallpapers are classics – they will never go out of style and you can use any type of such wallpaper in any room and they will be timeless. Rock a bold color scheme – bold colors are on top this year, using anything neutral to create contrast. When you’re ready for an extra bright look, choose furniture in colors that somehow match the wallpaper, and voila! A more neutral and muted wallpaper is also welcome, but will add a vintage or retro flair to your space. Atmospheric floral wallpapers and realistic floral wallpapers are particularly bold and trendy. You can use them to create a chic, timeless look. If you want a more whimsical touch, use wallpaper like this not on the walls, but on the ceiling and voila. Then just add furniture that is color-matched and creates an ambience.

Flora and Fauna Wallpaper

Flora and fauna are a quirkier type of wallpaper, but all bold things are trending this year! Remember that such active wallpaper should be soothed with more neutral and softer shades, unless you want a peculiar and refined room. Just give preference to a statement wall made with wallpaper like this for a tasteful look, and consider larger prints than smaller ones – they’re not very trendy right now. Get inspired by the ideas below and steal them!

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