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Natural And Manmade Tables

Natural and man-made materials are great combinations for creating a cool, contrasting look, and it is about everything from outfit to decor. Today we share furniture made this way: from natural and man-made materials to get a perfect modern look.

The Fikra tables by Ammar Kalo are visually heavy and experiment with recycled rubber crumbs. Ammar Kalo produces the legs and table tops from white oak and then coats the table tops with a pink lacquer paint that absorbs colors from the environment. Thin legs, which finely balance the dominant presence of the floating black masses, are embedded between the tabletop surfaces and the rubber outside.

Each table is designed for a specific use and position within the room: there are smaller and larger parts as well as long and low ones. These tables look very modern and laconic, but thanks to the combination of materials they are very eye-catching. You can place such tables in home offices, living rooms, children’s rooms, bedrooms, and even in public spaces such as cafes. Choose your perfect shape, height and buy them!

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