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Murphy Bed Guide

When you literally don’t have room for your bedroom and you need extra sleeping space for guests, there is a brilliant solution you will love – a Murphy bed! This is a very comfortable bed that doesn’t take up any space when not in use – you can create a sleeping or your own sleeping space for guests anywhere without the need for extra rooms!

What is a Murphy Bed?

A Murphy bed is a piece that folds up to fit inside a wall of built-in closets and disappears completely when you aren’t in use. They are ideal for mixed-use spaces such as office / bedroom, gym / guest room, theater / guest room, etc. – and are great for sleeping areas with occasional use. Such beds are well suited for small houses where living and sleeping areas are connected and add flavor to your home, which increases comfort.


Unlike futons and sofa beds, Murphy beds don’t use collapsible mattresses, so you can avoid those pesky bars and painful lumps. In fact, you can use your own mattress. Plus, you don’t have to put the sheets on and off every time you use or put the bed down. Most Murphy beds have a Velcro system that keeps the bedding (and mattress) in place when closed. And if you don’t like vertical Murphy beds, you can get a side-tilt configuration that opens horizontally.


When designing for Murphy beds, be sure to leave enough space around the fold-up bed. Keep the other furniture in the room light and mobile for easy access to the Murphy bed.

Hardware is a key component of a Murphy bed. If it’s clunky and heavy, and the hinges are easily misaligned, raising and lowering the bed can be dangerous. So choose the right hardware. You will also need to provide interior lighting on the headboard of the bed for you or your guests to read.

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