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Multiple Christmas Trees Ideas

We continue to follow the coolest and hottest trends in decor, and one of the current trends is multiple Christmas trees. Actually it was a long time ago, but now we are seeing more and more groups of trees like this, which will transform your room into a real winter fairy tale. If you have enough space for multiple trees or if you have some table space, you can rock this trend too. How do I decorate them? Here are some simple ideas.

Matching decor

The most popular idea is the appropriate tree decor, and you have many options here. These can be unadorned trees, trees with only lights or only ornaments, or with all of them together. You can selectively decorate the trees: choose the largest one, which is heavily adorned with everything, and let the rest decorate only with lights, or use fewer ornaments, or choose the main tree with ornaments and the rest with only lights or no decor . If you want a fresh and modern ambience, you should opt for Christmas trees that are not decorated or only illuminated. The heavy decor gives the trees a slight vintage touch.

Different decor

Another tree decoration is up to date when you have a versatile space and want to add a touch of this and that style, for example, or when you can’t decide what you like better and want all kinds of decoration together and at the same time. You can use different ornaments, different lights, and even different containers – sleds, buckets, baskets. You can use as many trees as you want and rock all the different decorations and details. Get inspired by the wonderful ideas below!

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