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Multifunctional Furniture Pieces

Functionality and practicality are perhaps the two most important requirements of modern furniture because we live in the world of tight spaces and because nobody wants to overpay for two or more pieces of furniture when you can have them all in one. Today I want to introduce some of the coolest designs you can buy right now and use them in all kinds of ways.

This daybed is Pulse from the Norwegian design studio Noidoi. The solid oak day bed is covered with a Norwegian wool mattress, part of which can be folded back. Underneath is an oak hatch that covers a newspaper rack underneath. When the hatch is removed it can be used as a serving tray. Norwegian wool was used for the mattress and the magazine holder is laminated with the same type of wool.

Koichi Suzuno and Alicja Strzyzynska from Torafu Architects designed a child seat that is split in half to reveal a doll’s house inside. The dollhouse chair has a storage compartment hidden in its seat that can serve as a miniature toy house. Divided in the middle, the chair shows the shape of a house with a red gable roof. Children can play with their toys and store them with other small items by closing the chair when play time is up.

The flop chair by designer Elena Sidorova looks comfortable and spacious and can easily be converted into a functional intermediate bed. As a bonus, all utensils for the guest bed (pillows, duvets and sheets) can be stored right here in the chair.

The Maisonette range is practical, quirky, and just plain fun. The collection of mobile storage items was created by the Italian designer Simone Simonelli to meet the need for multipurpose furniture with a modern look. Each stylish piece is made from lacquered solid alder wood and iron bars and is perfect for small apartments.

The Cristallo table is a transforming coffee table with a metal frame that expands to perform a number of functions. This space-saving piece can be adjusted to different heights – from the coffee table to the dining table – and has two self-supporting leaves. Available in glass, wood, and new slate and reclaimed pine finishes.

The Ukrainian designer Julia Kononenko has designed a multifunctional sofa for the living room that can easily be transformed into a small dining table with six stools. From an ergonomic point of view, it offers the user maximum comfort and convenience, as the seat transforms into six upholstered stools and the backrest into a worktop.

The Woodieful chair is designed with purpose and mission in mind. Furniture today has to be multifunctional, and the Woodieful stool is so much more than just another seating product. It was developed for use in multiple scenarios and rooms and can be adapted to any environment. Originally designed as a simple stool, it quickly became clear that it could be transformed into a table, bedside table, shelf or seating product, for which it was originally designed.

The OpenBook is a comfortable reading area for those who want a quieter moment and at the same time a showcase for books and magazines of all sizes and shapes. It’s a comfortable reading area for those who want a quieter moment, while at the same time the chair should be open to expose the user to other people within the room who allow for casual interaction.

Sweet Seat is intended for those moving to new homes or other cities where a versatile piece of furniture is required. The multifunctional seat designed by Dear Human can easily be turned into a bed if you have house guests. In the meantime, you have a comfortable place to sit that won’t break the bank.

Herb is a multifunctional sofa and living area in one cozy and practical package. The sofa is between a shelf and a side table with a plant. The shelf is powered so you can charge your devices while you sit in the lounge and surf the internet. The shelf even has a light that hangs over the sofa.

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