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Multifunctional Furniture Piece

If you enjoy rearranging furniture and changing your interior, if you need pieces of furniture that are super flexible, I have something cool for you! Into-form is a piece of furniture by a group of designers (Koa Pham, Madeleine Duflot and Ania Marciniak) designed to enhance the lounge experience.

There are five modular components that can be rearranged in endless configurations. The five shapes in five different colors are available to the user to adapt them to his needs. Once the pieces are in place the result is a functional sculpture and every time there is a new arrangement there is a new shape.

Into-Form is functional, sculptural and inspires creativity: just imagine how many shapes and looks you can create with this unique piece of furniture. The piece is a perfect thing for those who have a lot of guests, who laze around a lot and prefer changeable and flexible furniture without traditional boundaries and who want to add a bold, colorful touch to the room.

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