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Multi Purpose Furniture

In our modern world of lack of space, tight spaces, clutter and micro-apartments, space-saving solutions are not just a trend, they are a must. The smaller the space, the smarter solutions you need, and I would say that functional and convertible furniture is number one among them. Sofas have become beds, trunks and coffee tables, chairs and bookcases rolled into one – there are many ideas to choose from or you can have them all! Interested? Let’s check out the coolest!


A coffee table can become a desk or it can accommodate your belongings. If you need a desk, choose a model with a lifting plate. In this way, you do not need a home office, but work directly in your living room. Many coffee tables contain storage space: drawers or open shelves or both, so you can easily tidy up your space and put all your things there – so smart and easy!

Beds and sofas

A cute sofa can be turned into a bed or day bed. This is a great solution for a one bedroom apartment. With just one piece, you have a living room and bedroom in one. Modern platform beds have storage space inside – some convenient drawers hide the clutter and make your space look bigger. There are even couches that convert into a dining table with upholstered stools – yes, you can find pieces like this!

Chairs and benches

There are unique chairs that can be converted into day beds – a comfy idea for a small living room! If you’re a book lover, find a chair with built-in book shelves and read even more books with such a cozy piece. For a small entrance area, a chair with hangers is the perfect solution. Benches can be found here and there with great pieces of storage space – they’re a great idea for a small entryway, and we all know they’re usually small.

Other ideas

Closets with built-in desks, offices with desktops, bookcases with seats – there are plenty of ideas you might like. Just look for them and make your space super effective! Rock them all and make your space cluttered and elegantly decorated.

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