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Multi Colored Swinging Chair

If you want a bit of color for your space, if you are looking for crazy and daring designs this chair is for you. Copenhagen-based carpenter Kevin Hviid, in collaboration with GANNI, presents his colorful three meter high hanging couch to encourage positive human interactions in every common space, indoor and outdoor. Iris, Hviid’s project, is based on an iron structure and 600 manually installed multi-colored nylon straps with an emphasis on cords and lines.

Kevin Hviid’s project for Ganni is a piece of furniture with curves, character and sharp elbows. Iris ‘skirts’ sway and sway as she brings one, two, or more people back and forth in her arms. In addition, the chair offers space and time for reflection by offering the user a protected, intimate space.

Such a piece is a creative solution for any space, both indoors and outdoors – your living room, garden and many public spaces, and its appearance is sure to attract everyone’s attention!

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