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Moveable And Modular Convivio Kitchen System

A mobile modular kitchen is a great idea because if you move somewhere you can take it with you. Enzo Berti’s Convivio kitchen is just the thing. It includes countertops, storage units, and more. The Dolmen version of the Convivio kitchen is a free-standing unit with a worktop made of black or white marble and a matt black or white tubular hood. In this version, walnut boards, which are hung on sawhorse legs, serve as storage space for pots and pans. The second version of the Convivio called Forgia has a hand-brushed and hand-forged worktop and hood made of stainless steel. The wood shown here is larch with an oiled finish. The great idea of ​​the Convivio system is that complementary tables, chairs and benches can be added around the central “fireplace” to create a customizable kitchen, living room and dining room all in one.

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