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Mother Of Pearl Home Decor

If you want to make your decor stand out, need a sophisticated touch but are not ready to spend a lot of money, I have a brilliant idea for you: mother of pearl! Mother of pearl can be used in different ways and always adds a beautiful exquisite touch wherever you use it. In addition, such a material will attract attention, it is unusual and will never go out of style – accents inspired by nature are always on trend. Whether it’s real mother-of-pearl or just imitation, it will look fantastic. Now let me prove it to you with these cool ideas.


Mother-of-pearl is most commonly used in bathrooms as it is very natural and easily gives your space a chic, ocean-inspired feel. Mother-of-pearl tiles will brighten up a neutral bathroom and make it look cooler, especially if it’s white or creamy, and a glossy touch will make it stand out. With tiles like this, you can accentuate a shower or bath area and feel like you are in a spa while showering or bathing. To make the tiles more eye-catching, you can dress them up in a herringbone pattern and not go overboard with it – just a room or accent wall will do for a sophisticated feel.


Mother-of-pearl tiles are a chic choice for a kitchen backsplash. It’s a cool way to make your kitchen more glamorous and modern. Regardless of whether your cabinets are dark or neutral, mother-of-pearl creates a striking accent. In the first case it is a contrast, in the second a glossy note. If you want a completely natural look, choose wooden cabinets and mother-of-pearl tiles, you get a cool and modern combination.

Furniture, lamps and accessories

If you think a whole wall of mother-of-pearl tile is too much, there are always other ways to add a chic touch. Choose a chest or a mother-of-pearl inlaid sideboard – such a unique piece will suit a boho-chic, modern, Asian, or eclectic interior, or maybe another if you fit it in correctly. Choose mirrors, vases and picture frames covered with mother-of-pearl to add an exquisite touch to your interior. Mother-of-pearl lamps can be a chic idea and fit into any glamorous or simply luxurious room. Get inspired!

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