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Moroccan Bedroom Designs

The east has always been a mystery. Unusual traditions, original architecture, fantastic culture and art. Morocco is one of the most exciting countries in the east with amazing customs and traditions. It is very popular with tourists. This is why we decided to show you some cool Moroccan or just Morocco inspired bedrooms. The distinctive features of such bedrooms are Arabic patterns, bright fabrics and fantastic lanterns. However, it is not necessary to be very strict about the rules to create such an Eastern fairy tale. You can just use a neutral color palette and add lanterns, candle holders, stools and patterns that are characteristic of Morocco and absolutely any touch can be added.These bedrooms are a mystery, they are intriguing and reminiscent of the stories of Arabian Nights. Secrets and adventures begin!


Moroccan rooms are traditionally bright: fuchsia, purple, turquoise, green, red, pink, marigold and many other colors can be incorporated into various combos or you can rock them all! But if you’re not ready for a Moroccan celebration, you can try an all-white or neutral room. It’s a fresh and modern take on Moroccan decor.


If you’re fully Moroccan, choose carved wood furniture – beds, bedside tables, chairs and stools, and even shutters. As for colors, give preference to dark spots, which are more traditional for Moroccan rooms. If not, then go with the usual furniture, vintage or even modern if you are more interested in modern decor. Rocking a white Moroccan bedroom? Choose whitewashed wooden furniture or just white-painted items that match the color scheme.


The decor will help you achieve the look you want. That’s what it’s all about in Moroccan rooms. Even if you’re rocking a different style, you can add accessories to the room the Moroccan way. Use beautiful Moroccan lanterns, boho rugs and light-colored fabrics, hang rugs on the walls, reach for ornate mirrors and shutters, and cool down Moroccan stools. Take a look at the examples we’ve prepared and get inspired!

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