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Moody Living Room Decor Ideas

It’s autumn and it’s the best time to take on dark colors! Dark colors don’t always mean somber hues, they can be sophisticated, chic and very relaxing if you pull them off properly. Today we’re looking at the coolest dark living rooms.

How to decorate your living room in dark colors

First, choose your style. Dark colors go with almost every style of decoration: modern, minimalist, vintage and traditional for male spaces. Second, choose the colors. Dark and moody rooms don’t always mean black, it can be gray, dark green, purple or blue. The molding on the walls looks very good, especially in graphite gray or black. Accent walls are not required as there are many other accents in the room.

Now consider your style and choose the furniture accordingly. To make your living room more eye-catching, you can use sturdy cushions and unique shapes to make your atmospheric living room pop. A single sunny yellow sofa in a dark graphite living room looks stunning and makes a statement. Emerald or indigo upholstery gives the room a refined, decadent and soft look.

What can add to your living room decor? First of all, a fireplace. It can’t work or be a real one, with candles or tree trunks inside, decorated with moldings or stones, and it will definitely add coziness to your living room.

Lamps and lights can be used to make a room stand out. Striking brass chandeliers, unique modern floor lamps from the middle of the century or geometric pendant lights in different colors appear in the interior and give off light.

How to highlight your dark living room

Dark colors can be too gloomy and depressing if you only pick one shade. Then you can play with textures and try brick, stone, wood, marble, metal and other materials to make your living room stand out and keep that monochromatic decor.

Another idea is to rock different shades of one color. Unless you go for bold upholstery and brass, go for a variety of shades, e.g. B. Gray, and stick with it.

Another idea is to rock various accessories and decorations. Candlesticks, copper details, oversized artwork, lanterns, and various decorations of your choice will make your living room look good and stylish.

Think light if you don’t want your stylish dark living room to look too dull or moody. Opt for large windows and hidden lights to create an ambience. Also, consider creating multiple layers of light to improve functionality and illuminate the entire space.

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