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Moody Bedroom Designs

For a long time, dark colors were considered too gloomy, but this is no longer the case! All of these living spaces tire us sometimes and we look for something else. Atmospheric dark decor is hugging, relaxing, and not at all gloomy – it all depends on the decor you create. Even the dark room can pop up with details and look very inviting.

How to decorate a moody bedroom

Atmospheric décor goes with most styles: Art Deco, minimalist, modern, vintage and simply masculine. Choose your decorating style and decorate your bedroom accordingly. Atmospheric and dark doesn’t just mean black, the walls can be gray, brown, dark green or dark blue. Dark matte walls look amazing, so consider surfaces like this. Concrete walls are great for a modern or minimalist space, and molded parts are great for art deco and vintage spaces.

Now choose your furniture according to your style. Upholstered or refined wooden beds, rough pieces of wood or elegant modern beds right on the floor – there is a wide range of ideas. Accentuate your decor with benches, chairs, bedside tables, and stools.

Decorations and accessories make your bedroom more eye-catching. If it’s a sophisticated vintage space, go for crystal chandeliers, sophisticated bedside tables, and brass details. If it’s a minimalist bedroom, try mirrored bedside tables and comfy sconces on the wall. If you are decorating a rustic bedroom, considering some wooden beams on the ceiling and rough wooden furniture as decor, it will look very unusual with dark colors.

This way you won’t make your bedroom dull

Dark colors can look too ordinary, a little gloomy, and simple, especially if you only pick one color. How do you make it rock? For starters, you can pick a whole color scheme and stick with it. For example, it can be a moody green or a gray palette. Choose decor and accessories in different colors of this scheme.

The second way is to play with textures. Use different materials: wood, leather, metal, marble, concrete and others. They make your bedroom chic and trendy even if they are all the same color.

The third way is to rock different details or accessories. Any bedroom looks more elegant with brass or copper accessories. Different bedrooms can be accented with candles and lanterns. Don’t forget that moody bedrooms tend to be dark so the lights don’t get too strong. Be sure to use multiple layers to use different ones. Try hidden lights under the bed or artwork. Consider making a fireplace for coziness, comfort, and extra light. Mirrors reflect the light and make rooms look bigger. This is therefore essential for an atmospheric bedroom.

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