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Monochromatic Kitchen

White kitchens may be “in”, but if you have the space, a dark cooking area can be just as inspiring! We recently told you about stylish, moody kitchens that are trending now, and today we’re going to share another dark feast for the eyes of them.

With almost every element expressed in a deep gray, the Vipp kitchen is a perfect example of capricious monochrome. Vipp makes laconic metal kitchens, and this is one of them with black cabinets and appliances. Similar to white, the misty gray serves as a canvas for other fittings and accents such as living herbs or the stainless steel sink. There is a large concrete window sill that is for storage and can also be used for sitting.

Bertoia-style chairs with full-grain leather, natural stone and a fireplace give this alternative kitchen and dining area a masculine touch. A large piece of art on the wall is also done in dark colors, and a chandelier with love letters over the dining area makes it more cheerful.

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