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Modern Take On Farmhouses

The American companies Wade Design Architects and Geremia Design took their bearings from “modern farmhouse architecture” to create a wood-paneled house in the northern California wine country for a retired couple. The apartment is called Calistoga Residence and consists of a main apartment, a guest house, a pool house and a garage building with a Pilates studio.

The design team was provided with the generous view and plenty of daylight. In response, the team designed a series of wood-clad gable shapes that are arranged around courtyards and terraces. All structures are located along an east-west axis and allow a wide view of the picturesque terrain in the north. Large windows let in natural light and offer a close connection to the landscape. In the main apartment, glass doors open to a long, sheltered terrace where the owners can dine and relax. The two-story garage building resembles a monitor barn with a raised middle section and its own gable roof. The windows and doors all open to offer the kind of life that allows you to entertain, enjoy your space, and find peace. The husband has an affinity for cars, which led to the creation of the distinctive “auto barn” at the front of the property.

For the interior, the team wanted to create a light and ethereal atmosphere in which nature, the view and the fresh air can really flow through the rooms. Many rooms have white walls, tile floors, and wooden wardrobes. Pale tones are used throughout the apartment, with black window frames serving as a contrasting element. In terms of decor, the team paired contemporary pieces with antiques that clients had collected over the years. The private areas of the house are furnished with natural materials and filled with natural light.

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