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Modern Summer House

This summer house by the Greek architecture firm Polyergo is located on a steep slope on the island of Crete and follows the surrounding orography. The residence consists of three volumes that revolve around a central courtyard and an imposing staircase that serves as the distribution axis of the project. Thanks to a careful initial analysis, the house does not need air conditioning as the stair axis acts as a natural ventilation chimney, which is particularly useful for summer cooling. At the same time, the hill, which is in direct contact with the lower part of the building, promotes a constant internal temperature.

The residence is made up of three main volumes that revolve around the courtyard and staircase, while combining stone, wood, metal and plaster in its construction. The staircase, characterized by a funnel shape, already directs the guests’ gaze from the outside to two focal points that bring them back outwards and into the surrounding landscape. It also separates the living area from the kitchen and leads to the bedrooms and services on the lower level.

Inside, Polyergo designed the summer house with a contemporary aesthetic that combines a touch of tradition. Oak wood characterizes the interior together with natural materials such as jute, linen and cotton fibers for fabrics. The tailor-made furniture is reminiscent of the mashrabiya technique in its fabrics: small elements made of inlaid wood that are put together according to a geometric and complex design.

Thanks to the careful initial analysis by Polyergo and the targeted selection of the design, the summer house does not require air conditioning. The staircase acts like a natural ventilation chimney, while the hill in direct contact with the lower part of the house favors a constant indoor temperature. In addition, the pool assists in the control and absorption of solar heat, while two solar panels facing south and positioned on the ground provide hot water all year round.

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