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Modern Rustic Cabin

This beautiful country style cabin is a dreamy place to stay and most of us want to escape there for a great vacation in the middle of nature. This beautiful barn-inspired villa in Wensleydale, Australia offers tranquil views over the countryside and a very peaceful and serene ambience.

The house has a beautiful wood-paneled exterior that gives it a very authentic look while guaranteeing a modern and chic appeal. There is an outdoor veranda a little below the floor with a wooden floor, stairs and table and some garden chairs, a perfect place to take in the nature, fresh air and views.

There are three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms, as well as a number of shared living areas. The interior is very warm and welcoming and the rustic decor is modern at its best. The walls, floors and ceilings are covered with wood and are complemented by exposed concrete surfaces for a bold modern feel and contrast, as well as large windows and glazed walls that invite the beautiful view as well as plenty of daylight during the day. On the ground floor there is a large open area with kitchen, dining room and a cozy sitting area with a fireplace and comfortable sofas. This home has character and breathtaking views. Take a look at it!

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