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Modern Paneled Walls

How do you make your interior stand out? When we ask such a question, we usually think of capricious furniture and unique art, and some basic and simple solutions are skipped. Walls aren’t the first thing that comes to mind when we think of making interiors cooler and bolder. They’re usually plain and sometimes even boring. How do you make a common wall in the eye? Paint it bright, hang a gallery wall, or panel the wall, and as for the latter, I’m ready to share some ideas!

Shapes is one type of disguise, but it’s usually about something more sophisticated and vintage, and modern day cladding is bolder and more about geometric patterns. There are lots of patterns to rock – symmetrical and asymmetrical, geometric, and more than just tinker them yourself or buy ready-made panels to cover the wall. One thing is safe to say: this wall or walls will be superb.

Modern paneled walls look great in all types of spaces: bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, home offices, etc. Keep in mind that cladding is usually about wood and plywood, and such materials don’t withstand moisture very well. As far as color goes, you can really rock walls like this in any color to suit your space, but I’ll bet you’ll see them more neutral or black – walls like these can look boring and too plain, but with paneling, they really stand out Eye. If you want to make your room more chic, you can cover all the walls with panels and the look will be bolder.

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