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Modern Module Kitchen

An ordinary kitchen offers very few opportunities to become a flexible space in the house. However, modern designers and architects create unique mobile layouts that can be changed at any time. Today we share such a kitchen.

The “Liberation of the Kitchen” by Guatemalan architect Alejandra Calderon offers the opportunity to develop different scenarios that adapt to the lifestyle of its users and opens up new possibilities for the home layout of the future. Three mobile modules have been designed to contain all the elements necessary for the preparation of meals: two induction hobs, storage space, preparation room, a refrigerator and a sink with three bins for recycling waste.

Each module works with a stackable system made up of different elements. Each of the elements can be used individually as a stand-alone piece with a folding leg mechanism. The various elements can also be stacked and combined in various configurations to suit the needs of the owner. Isn’t it a great idea for a modern space?

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