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Modern Medieval Castle Views

Perched high above Los Angeles in the hills of Hollywood, this residence was designed as a modern medieval castle, with breathtaking views and compact footprints combined with an odd size that blends industrial chic and old-world interiors. The house was designed by Kristen Becker of Mutuus Studio and it was based on the owners’ trips to Ireland and the great castles they visited. Coupled with the compactness of her New York penthouse, her Hollywood Hills Residence embodies California’s luxurious lifestyle in its purest form.

The three-story building was built on a steep slope and consists of a series of stacked rectilinear volumes in a mixture of concrete, wood, glass and metal. This configuration ensures a minimal footprint and allows for a number of terraces and courtyards to take advantage of the mild climate. The house is accessed via a wooden and steel pedestrian bridge that leads to a monumental bronze door, a nod to the drawbridge of a castle over a moat.

When you step onto the top floor, which is also where the garage and master bedroom are located, a foyer leads you to a large hallway on the middle floor that includes an open plan kitchen, dining and seating area. Two more bedrooms and a study are on the same level. Below is a media room, guest room, storage rooms and a laundry room. With public and private spaces spread over all three levels, the choreographed configuration of spaces that flow seamlessly into one another speaks for Becker’s background in dance.

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