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Modern Lights Made Of Ceramic

I can think of all kinds of materials used to make furniture, lighting and accessories, but salt? Ok, salt is really unexpected! The Archaic Modern Light collection consists of three lights, all made of ceramic, brass and Himalayan pink salt.

Californian studio Brave Matter used simple shapes and earthy materials to create these lighting fixtures and tableware that are meant to remind of ancient artifacts. The A / M Orb Pendant has a terraced, spherical ceramic shade with a brass disc and a rounded piece of pink salt. The salt is attached to a slim, spun and woven brass rod.

The A / M Pendant Small is constructed similarly, although it has a trapezoidal hue that resembles an upside-down flower pot. The bottom of the shade is uncovered so that the trailer can serve as a work lamp. The glowing salt block in the upper part of the lamp provides ambient light. Himalayan pink salt serves as a light-diffusing material in addition to the high lumen LED technology. The shades consist of mineral-rich clay that is poured into molds and then coated with mica-laden glazes, which are available in various shades, from moss and red ocher to terra pink. The glazes are intended to create soft, shimmering and worn surfaces.

The third design in the collection, Sender One, is a table lamp made from a salt crystal that has been carefully cut and then pierced by a brass rod. The salt disk and metal rod work together to allow the lamp to rest at an angle.

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