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Modern Industrial Kitchen Funriture

If you are looking for a modern industrial kitchen with an elegant design, you have come to the right place. Dada’s VVD kitchen, designed by Vincent Van Duysen, is a beautiful study of contrasts. Wood veneer, stone and aluminum intersect in a linear composition that is impressive and streamlined at the same time.

Thick stone worktops convey durability and strength, while slim side and end units form a convincing counterplay. Pull-out trays, open-ended drawers and undercarriages improve functionality – increase storage capacity and make excellent use of space. The ultra-thin aluminum frame lifts the entire unit – creates a light, indescribable aesthetic, improves flow and makes hidden handles easier. Dada also offers matching ceiling units and glass cabinets.

Materials available include natural stones such as porphyry and ceppo de gré; Bleached oak and walnut wood veneers; brushed stainless steel; and painted surfaces in oak graphite, east green, titanium and tin. The kitchen is very functional and stylish, and its laconic kitchen design goes perfectly with an atmospheric or masculine space and just an industrial space.

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