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Modern In Frame Fireplace

Fireplaces are loved by everyone because there is nothing more comfortable than sitting by the fire (not even really). They are suitable for both indoors and outdoors. If you’re tired of everything traditional and want something edgy, the fireplace we’re sharing today is exactly what might interest you: it’s a unique piece from all angles and is sure to create a cozy ambience!

In Frame by YoungGyu Kwon is a modern take on a traditional fireplace and aims to combine the past and the present through carefully considered design. The elegant frame that surrounds the circular central part is designed to be rotatable so that it can be easily adjusted. This frame also creates an area to hang basic laundry so that it can dry. Various settings and adjustments are available to users.

In Frame can be hung on the wall to mimic the position of a traditional fireplace, or used free-standing anywhere you want, including outdoors. This is a perfect solution when traditional designs are not welcome and you want something extra special. Enjoy!

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