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Modern Front Yard Design Ideas

A well-tended front yard frames your home and prepares the interior. He offers a first reception. A well-organized layout and layout of the front yard should complement the natural terrain of the land and enhance the general theme of the house. If your home decor is modern, leave that style outside as well. Clear lines, earthy colors, a minimized use of different colors – that’s what you need for a modern front yard. Do you want some examples? Here you are.

Large planters

Among modern front yard designs, the large planters really stand out, and the bigger the better. Shapes are simple – round, square, tubular, or conical. When it comes to colors, you should opt for something that is full of contrast. If the background is neutral, go for black. If it’s dark, choose gray, brown, white, and other light shades. Grow some statement plants in large pots to add courage to your front yard. Better create an arrangement of mismatched plants for a more modern feel.

Rocks and succulents

Succulents have taken over the world and if you can grow them – just go ahead, your front yard is going to be super trendy! The use of stones and stones is widespread in modern front gardens, and succulents can grow very well with stones. Also consider cacti and agaves for the ultimate bold look.

Garden water features

Turn a harmless garden tap into a breathtaking and creative water feature. A fountain, bowl, waterfall or even a long and minimalistic water feature with a little water green – this is what you need for a modern front yard. Such functions also attract small birds, so you fill the room not only with harmonizing sounds of falling water, but also with singing birds.

Garden without flowers

In modern front gardens, the lack of flowering plants is very common – it gives the front yard a more laconic and minimized look. Don’t be afraid of getting a boring room – play with types, textures and colors: among non-flowering plants, you can easily find different shades of green, gray and even red. Get inspired!

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