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Modern Extension Historical Home

Portland-based architecture firm Beebe Skidmore added a cubic volume with large windows in the middle of a 20th century house in the city to create more space and bring natural light into the interior. The original residence is a sprawling artisan-style house dating from 1907 with decorative woodwork, moldings, cross-gable bays, clapboard siding, a brick chimney, and wide-open eaves with exposed rafter tails. The addition replaces about 10 percent of the clapboard with the grille of windows, some of which form sliding doors.

The primary design intervention leaves most of the historic facade untouched – maximizing the spatial impact with a minimal number of movements. Striking white frames enclose the large windows and contrast with the clapboards of the house, which are painted dark gray with a lighter border.

The decor is meant to brighten the interior and includes white kitchen cabinets and walls, as well as wooden floors and baseboards that match the historic charm of the house. Contemporary pieces, lighting and accessories are also mixed with modernist pieces of furniture.

Inside the extended residence there is an open plan kitchen and dining room on the ground floor, as well as a den, living room and foyer. A sliding glass door gives access from the dining room to an outside terrace. On the top floor there is a living area, a bedroom and a bathroom. A mid-century black leather sofa, bookcase, and desk fill the living room, which is surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows. By opening up the parking space of the house, this upper part of the extension allows more living space.

The original wooden stairs of the house as well as the interior paneling and baseboards have been preserved. Upstairs is a master suite, family room, bedroom and bathroom. Sliding glass doors open to a private deck off the master, whose en-suite bathroom has a free standing tub.

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