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Modern Cozy Warm Residence

The renovation of the Euclid Residence was designed to modernize the early 20th century property while retaining elements that reference its history and to provide ample space for guests to entertain. The Canadian company Ancerl Studio has put together heavily white painted masonry walls, weathered wooden beams and black steel windows.

The client’s brief was to create a bright and fresh, contemporary environment: it had to be modern, but warm and welcoming, with storytelling details. The company restored the masonry facade of the house to match the aesthetics of its surroundings. The main intervention was to open up the floor plan by removing several partitions within the four-story property. Existing masonry walls have been painted white to give the past a modern and fresh touch.

Other rendered walls are painted white, and the floors are covered in wide white oak planks to create a neutral backdrop. This is then emphasized by weathered wooden beams, which were also preserved during the renovation, and black steel elements – including industrial-style window frames and decorative fireplaces.

The kitchen and dining room are in a double-height room in the middle of the ground floor. This main level is completely open plan with a living room in the front and a family room in the back with glass doors that lead onto a terrace and rear garden. Ancerl Studio chose shades of off-white and beige for most of the accents and furniture. The details include the white stone kitchen countertop and the colors of the sofas and seats in the living areas.

The first floor of the property is arranged to wrap around the kitchen and dining area below in a U shape. It is dedicated to the master bedroom and has a bathroom with concrete vanities, a white bathtub, a walk-in rain shower and a balcony.

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