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Modern Capella Lighting Collection

If you are looking for eye-catching modern lamps and lights to match your space this is a great idea for you! Lighting manufacturer Vonn has introduced Capella, a lighting collection inspired by the celestial bodies and especially the sun, although it can be said that these bold shapes are reminiscent of other things as well.

The collection contains many options: there are flush-mounted flower shapes; Swimming rings in vertical or horizontal orientation; Chandelier styles that combine modern and classic sensibilities; and a hanging, falling model, reminiscent of a marine animal plumbing the unfathomable depths. The use of a seamless integrated LED diode array creates visual and structural interest, drawing the eye’s attention to its intriguing continuity while evoking the shimmering sun that is its namesake. LEDs also make the lamps look very elegant and modern.

Most of the lights have WiFi and can be adjusted: you can choose dimming, color temperature and independent setting of different LED strips on the same light. Multiple finishes and color options are also available, making it easy to find a suitable option for your space. Let yourself be inspired and enjoy!

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