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Modern Bold Apartment For A Writer

This Oscar Wilde quote, referenced by Studio Doppio, perfectly describes not only the writing but also the architecture and design, as projects like this one grow and evolve during the process before the final result is reached. The Writer’s Machine is an apartment in Turin, Italy, with a multifunctional structure, the “machine”, in the middle of the space that has changed over time.

The structure fulfills many functions with partitions, a sliding element, drawers and a mirror that make up the core of the 120 square meter apartment. The owner is a writer who loved the idea of ​​installing the device as a partition between the living room and the office that can be easily configured as needed. You can work on the office side with the doors closed to focus, or they can be open to see the living room and television at the desk.

The core structure of the unit is made of iron with laminated panels in shades of blue and bronze glass. Square tubes run along the ceiling away from the device to form spherical glass balls that hang over the dining table.

Many pieces of furniture used in this project were custom made by Studio Doppio for this project, including the cabinets under the bookcases, the coffee table, the dining table, the bathroom furniture, and the mirrors.

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