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Modern Bedrooms

Modern decor is becoming increasingly popular and more and more designers and homeowners are turning to it. Going modern means that basic colors, different combinations of textures, and eye-catching elements are just the thing for creating chic modern spaces. How do you create a modern bedroom that is inviting and chic? Here are some ideas to try.

Flashy headboards

To avoid boring looks, you can go for creative and bold headboards and headboard walls. It can be a padded headboard wall in a cool color – it will look very soft and inviting. Another idea is a concrete and wood wall – make the pieces uneven for a cool and chic look. I totally love dressing up the wall with vertical slats of wood shade that you really like – what a great idea to add texture to the room! There are also interesting geometric wood-clad walls, 3D wood walls with additional lights, and more – get inspired!


The main piece of furniture in your bedroom is, of course, a bed, and we highly recommend rocking modern upholstery. There is a large selection of modern upholstered beds with different fabrics and additional lights that are integrated directly into the bed corners. Another idea is a wooden bed with a headboard and floating bedside tables. Another popular idea for adding an edgy touch to your bedroom is a floating bed with lights underneath – looks so chic and bold!


Eye-catching lamps and lights add charm and chic to your modern bedroom. Choose hanging ones in some cool geo-shapes. It’s especially good when there isn’t enough space. You can hang them in clusters to make the room stand out. You can also try large glass lamps on the bedside tables or on the floor. The shapes and colors depend on your interior. I would also recommend multiple layers of light, especially if the room is quite moody, plus it gives you more light for reading. Get inspired!

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