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Modern Barn Inspired House With Laconic Interiors

Slonsko Chalpa (translated as Silesian House) is a very special project recently completed by the architecture and design studio mode: lina. At first glance, it might not look so different from other barn-like houses, but the story behind it is unusual to say the least. A large part of this project consisted of the reconstruction of an old building from the state collective farm that existed in this region of Poland in the 1970s.

The aim was to transform this dilapidated old barn into a beautiful and modern family home. The owners and the architects agreed that the history of this place should be preserved and immortalized and that a precise cross-section of the old building should be integrated into the living area in the form of a mezzanine.

The whole house is thus a combination of old, preserved parts of the old building and some newly built parts that contrast with each other and highlight the beauty of the different materials and styles used throughout the house. The roof has been raised to accommodate additional living space on the first floor, and the wood-clad facade has large openings that bring in lots of sunlight. For the interior, the designers chose a palette of materials that includes wood, dark polished granite, raw concrete and brick in order to emphasize the contrast between the old and the new surface, but also to create an inviting and harmonious ambience.

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