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Mixed Upholstery Furniture

The mix-and-match trend is sure to become classics and can be seen everywhere, especially in outfits and home decor. Mixing colors and prints is a bold idea to liven up any room, but get it right to avoid a tasteless look. One of the coolest ideas currently in use is the mixed upholstery of furniture: such furniture is amazing to make a statement and you can find lots of stylish items or even renovate some to your liking. This was originally a mid-century modern decor trend, but now it’s back and helping to keep furniture from getting boring. Here are some ideas to inspire you.

Mixed upholstered chairs

Mixed upholstery is a great and chic way to make a modern and bold statement in your space – with the color and pattern of your choice. You can make it more suitable or completely different – in some unique colors and prints that are not used in the decor. So it will be your statement, such options are very popular now. You can rock one fabric for the seat and another for the back, or even try a different fabric for the back, seat, and armrests to make everything bold and stand out. If you don’t feel like buying, make some chairs like this one and add a suitable footrest with mixed upholstery. Renovate a vintage chair with super modern fabric to make it look wow!

Other furniture with mixed upholstery

Some other pieces that look fantastic with mixed upholstery are benches and couches. The idea here is the same: cover the backrest with one type of fabric and the seat with another, and for armrests you can choose the same fabric as the seat or even a third type of fabric. If you’re feeling lazy about making a piece like this, look for finished items, such as anthropology sofas. There are such beautiful objects underneath.

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