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Minimalist Square Forest House

This lakeside residence in Finland was built in a thick forest, but only one tree was removed to bring the project to life. The 3 square home designed by Studio Puisto was dictated by the views available. The further north you move on the property, the more the seascape opens up. On the other hand, the shortest distance to the bank was precisely determined.

The building consists of three interlocking square masses. The main volume contains the living, sleeping and dining areas, while the smaller ones house the sauna, garage and technical facilities. ‘The basic idea behind the main mass is the core of the open square space, in which all lights are integrated and a large part of the functionality is located. The hallway, the sleeping areas, the entertainment area and the study are located in “caves” that are spatially distributed. Inside the core there is a utility room, toilets and a walk-in closet. There is no traditional division into rooms, but rooms can be separated by sliding doors if desired. The core with all its surfaces and fastenings is made of oiled walnut wood. Outside the core, the walls and ceilings as well as the vertical structures are made of black oil. The floor consists of black, oil-waxed oak parquet. The sauna and washrooms contrast with the dark main mass with paraffin-oiled alder on all surfaces. In addition, the shower has a ceramic tile that matches the wood.

The constantly changing landscape remains visible thanks to a sun protection system that has been integrated into the outer surface of the wall structure. The doors and windows of the house are 2.3 meters high. Everything up to this height is either glass or wood that has been painted black, while everything above and below is made of pre-patinated zinc sheet. The house seems to be peacefully integrated into nature, although it looks minimalist and geometric, it is more harmonious and natural. Get more of that gorgeous minimal home below!

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