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Minimalist Meditation Room Design Ideas

YogaSPA, because water helps to relax very well. Check out some ideas below and enjoy!

Colorful meditation rooms

A colorful meditation room is usually designed in a boho style with lots of Asian accents. You can opt for colorful walls with prints, macrame hangings and feathers, low furniture, and colorful pillows and pillows on the floor. Add potted greens and flowers, and add candle lanterns. Don’t forget about some Asian characters and decorations that you like. You can create an entire sanctuary bringing decor and items from different trips.

Neutral meditation rooms

If you prefer a contemporary and minimalist style, choose neutral and laconic decor. Prefer low or no furniture, layered carpets, pillows, pillows, candle lanterns or candle holders with candles, neutral textiles, as well as natural wood and stones. Make a glazed wall or walls to let in natural light and take in the view while you meditate. You can also combine such a meditation room with a bathroom or tea room if you want.

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