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Minimalist House Multiple Levels

The architecture studio Mas-aqui has transformed an apartment in Barcelona into a multi-storey house with wood and ceramic tiles. The half levels were used to create more space on the upper floor and to take advantage of a previously unused lower level.

The project is called Yurikago House, from the Japanese word for a cradle. The name refers to the shape of the wooden structure that supports part of a new mezzanine floor and also serves as reinforcement for the frame of the Yurikago house. The cradle-like mezzanine is made of slatted wood, through which light falls on the dining area on the ground floor. This space is adjacent to a sunken kitchen, while a bathroom is hidden behind wooden door panels.

The living room is on a raised platform with tall arched windows and doors that lead to a balcony. This level can be reached via two wooden steps: one set rests on a tiled floor and the second on a concrete plinth that doubles as a fireplace. The sunny lounge area overlooks the balcony and has a high ceiling in traditional Catalan style. A wooden structure that covers a staircase doubles as a table. On the other side of the dining area, another step leads to a long wooden platform connected to a cantilevered wooden staircase. This platform can serve as a bank.

The top level of the Yurikago House is divided into several sections. There is a work area in the wooden cradle. The higher side forms a half-wall that serves as a balcony with a view of the living room and the windows behind it. Through the floor-to-ceiling glazing, natural light falls unhindered into the adjoining master bedroom, which is accessible via a sliding door. Two small rooms on either side of the bedroom contain a toilet and a shower room each.

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