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Minimalist Hallway Lamp

Asian designers keep impressing us with minimalist designs that are super functional and this piece is one of them. The creative and manufacturing brand GYRO removes all unnecessary details and presents Myna – an elegant floor lamp that doubles as a clothes hanger. This design is part of a series called “Bird Lamps” in which the lighting objects consist only of the most basic parts: lightbulb, socket and wire – just like the simple pendant lights that once overpowered Chinese houses and streets for decades. Only by tilting the lamps to the side creates space for imagination while maintaining the minimum structure and maximum light output.

Myna has an integrated touch dimmer with memory function as well as a custom-made low-voltage lighting module that maintains the shape of a conventional, touch-safe Edison lamp. In addition, it features an adjustable lamp angle and direction, with a solid cast iron base that includes built-in wire management. Such a lamp is the perfect addition to a modern hallway. It’s functional and simple-looking, so it blends in with any setting.

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