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Minimalist Copper Pipes Apartment

This is not your typical seaside home, but an extremely chic and stylish pied à terre near Barcelona’s Olympic marina. You can find everything you need in a neat and compact, minimalist space. The 56 square meter apartment was designed by Cometa Architects and took shape by first deconstructing the space. The architects tore down all the interior walls and opened the wall to the outside terrace to enjoy the breathtaking view.

The designers opted for the principles of the Navy: make the entire space useful and eliminate everything unnecessary. The place is essentially a square box arranged around a central “cubicle” that houses all laundry, plumbing and important appliances, as well as the toilet and cupboards. This central unit also acts as a partition between the kitchen and the living and sleeping areas, which are also delimited by large sliding glass panels that make up the wall.

The interior walls are made entirely of concrete and finished with a light gray microcement, which creates an effect inspired by the raw concrete docks of the marina. Exposed copper pipes and fittings lead the necessary water and electricity connections throughout the room and serve as a contemporary design element that unites all areas of the apartment. The copper adds a warm, yet functional element to the strongly minimalist design of the room.

In order to keep the appearance minimalist and avoid possible design problems, the architects built in underfloor heating so that no radiators are required. So that small rooms feel spacious and yet highly functional, minimalist design is most practical: It helps to suppress interference in the rooms and makes the most of them. Would you like to see more of this beautiful home? Scroll down!

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