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Minimalist Bathroom Collection

Minimalism is a very popular decorating style now and if you’re a sucker for it you might like this minimalist bathroom collection. The Danish studio Jacob Jensen Design created a minimalist bathroom collection with a Scandinavian flair for Cotto. The collection was named after the Danish municipality of Skive and has a washbasin, a tap, a toilet and a shower screen.

The first in the series is a wash basin with a white ceramic basin with sloping surfaces and thin ribs. The drain is rectangular and surrounded by thin grooves. The faucet of the basin is made of black coated brass and is rectangular in shape. The sink is complemented by a wooden tray that rests over the basin and stores personal bathroom accessories like soap and flannels. The tray can be placed freely on the sink to suit your specific needs, or simply placed on the countertop as a bathroom organizer.

The collection also includes a toilet that has a geometric, minimalist look with a white ceramic surface and a black flush. It has a square seat and a structure that tapers at the bottom. The shower panel, a state-of-the-art monolithic part, has a matt black coating and is operated via a touchscreen controller that allows users to select and save preferred temperatures and water flow. It has both a multi-jet overhead shower and an overhead shower that attaches to the main structure with magnets.

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