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Mini Cats Furniture

Bet you’ve seen lots of cat furniture, various cocoons, beds, retreats, and more and more. Even so, many cats prefer our own human furniture and do not use their items. There is a brilliant idea for these kittens: a collection of cat furniture that is absolutely similar to human furniture, but made in a smaller size.

A campaign unveiling mini furniture for cats is unveiled in Japan amid a new generation of artisans hoping to build on a once prosperous industry. The campaign, produced by Okawa City, aims to promote the area in Fukuoka, a center for professional craftsmen who specialize in traditional crafts such as woodworking. Under the motto “Craftsman MADE,” a subsequent generation is hoping their feline friends will help PR Okawa furniture (and with a strong history of viral hits on the internet, they likely seem successful).

There are small couches and beds for your cats that look just like your own furniture but are much smaller – just to accommodate a kitten. If you want the same furniture for yourself, order some too!

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