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Mid Century Modern Villa

Woods Bagot architecture studio completed the final stage of a weathered seaside home in Australia, which has been in the works for 20 years. The St. Andrews Beach Villa was designed in 1999 as the home for Woods Bagot CEO Nik Karalis and started out as a simple cabin on the Mornington Peninsula. Over the years it has gradually evolved into a five bedroom villa that features a pool, cabana, greenhouse and full-width deck.

Over time, the St. Andrews Beach Villa has been adapted and changed to do justice to the challenging location. The peninsula is exposed to strong winds, ever-changing sand dunes and a high concentration of salt in the atmosphere, which accelerates the corrosion of materials.

The St. Andrews Beach Villa is a simple steel box built on pillars with a panoramic living space facing southwest towards the sea. A 25 meter wide step deck is cut through by a passageway that leads underground and is slit below to create a more intimate, sheltered space. The entrance to the villa is on the sheltered rear facade, where a steel ramp leads to a reception area as well as the pool and cabana. The back and sides of the villa are covered with a rain cover made of Jarrah wood panels, through which northern lights can penetrate.

Internal finishes have been created using a mix of newer elements and old, worn materials from previous iterations of the St. Andrews Beach Villa. The bedrooms are located along this sheltered north side of the plan, while the glazed front offers far more visibility.

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