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Micro Minimalist Kitchen

Do you have a little home No problem! More and more designers are offering amazing possibilities to make a small room comfortable and to accommodate everything necessary there. Today we share micro-kitchens for very small houses. Let yourself be inspired here!

The Japanese brand Sanwa is launching a new collection of kitchens tailored to small homes. All kitchens are designed to offer cooking and washing facilities in one unit. This makes them ideal for people with limited living space. The new collection stands for the combination of sophisticated contemporary and minimalist design, typical of the Japanese tradition, with design research.

There’s a new take on the already famous Ceragino kitchen with an oxidized metal finish, a kitchen on wheels, one with a rusty finish and one that needs to be hung on a wall. AM 01 has high and low storage units, a countertop, a sink and a hob in various bright colors. QB 01 is a unit with a steel frame on the bike and there are also many space saving features. EO 01 consists of a monochrome block that hides its function when viewed from the front. It also has built-in pot storage and magnetic boards for users to pin notes and recipes on. The AC 01 is made of bamboo and can be used as a desk. It opens to a kitchen at the push of a button. Also brand new is the SC-01, a steel kitchen that can be hung on a wall.

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