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Meteorite Foam Furniture

The heavenly theme is now very popular, various celestial bodies are integrated into the living and event decor. If you’re looking for a non-traditional and bold way to add such trendy accents to your home decor, we have a cool idea for you!

South Korea-based designer Sang Hoon Kim has designed a series of furniture as if he were modeling with clay or drawing pictures – without any formalities. The pieces made of memory foam are multi-colored and are reminiscent of natural structures such as those found in an impact crater. The memory foam is made through a chemical reaction of various solutions including polyol. One of its special aspects is the ability to change the mixing ratio of chemical solutions to create an object that is suitable for different purposes. Using these properties, the frame of Sang Hoon Kim’s furniture foamed with a high hardness to withstand the load.

Such furniture will make a bold statement in any room and will make a great conversation starter.

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