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Mediterranean Home Decor Ideas

The Mediterranean style originally came from countries north of the Mediterranean, including Spain, Greece and Italy, and is now often referred to as “Spanish Modernism”. This style became popular in architecture in the last century, and some beautiful features of such a decor have since been incorporated into interior design. Do you want to integrate them too? Here are some tips.


Go for neutrals as the base of your interior, white, off-white, and even buttermilk. Mediterranean colors are reminiscent of the sea and sky and, depending on the region, can also include warm terracotta, lavender and yellow. Also incorporate a lot of texture: layers of paint and glaze are hand rubbed onto plaster or sand-textured walls to add visual depth. Simulate the look of a plaster wall with a textured surface using a tinted drywall mix and colored beeswax.


Mosaic tile designs embody the beauty of a Mediterranean interior. Perhaps you’ve heard of famous azulejo tiles – we’re talking about them and designs inspired by them. Bring the designs into your home on the floor or in the kitchen, or on something to take with you when you move around, like a mirror frame or tabletop. You can also simulate the look of tiles with a stenciled mosaic border on floors, walls or furniture.

Furniture & accessories

Mediterranean style furniture ranges from simply functional to extremely formal. The pieces are short, with elaborately twisted legs and feet; Hardware is heavy and often burnished. A bullnose edge is a common design detail on countertops and fireplace surrounds. As accessories, you prefer burnished bronze urns, filigree lights and a wrought-iron fireplace wall for a Moroccan influence. Don’t forget about printed and colorful textiles – with stripes, a worn look and in shades of blue, they immediately beautify the room and make it more Mediterranean.

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