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Mcm Home With Honey Toned Wood

Are you a sucker for mid-century modern style in decor? If so, let’s enjoy this beautiful Toronto home together.

This bungalow is designed in the style of the 1950s and what you get excited about on first sight is the ceilings, they are just amazing! All ceilings are completely clad with honey-colored wood, which creates a mood here.

The oversized living room is spectacular and has multiple conversation areas with creamy and warm furniture, an exposed brick wall, a built-in fireplace, and that gorgeous ceiling. The entrance is separated from the dining area by half a wall, which is a cool partition, but still lets in light. The dining area has a stylish glass dining table and modern mid-century chairs, as well as a cool look through a fully glazed wall that can be hidden with a curtain at any time if you prefer privacy.

The second living room is centered around another glazed wall to take in the view – all comfortable furniture is placed for maximum use. The third living room is more private, with sleek mid-century modern furniture and an entire gallery wall with decorative plates – so unusual!

The master bedroom is cream colored and has built-in closet space and an oversized window to the other rooms which may be curtained for privacy. A large home office corner reveals an oversized desk that takes up an entire wall and has lots of drawers. Do you want more chic rooms from this house? Check out the pictures below!

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