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Masculine Bathroom Furniture

Human caves are unique, they have their own style, their own feel and a sexy atmosphere. We don’t even know exactly where from, but it’s a fact. Dark and moody, peaceful and masculine, these interiors appear very inviting. Many bachelors prefer such a facility these days, and if you are one of them looking for inspiration we are here to help. Today we are going to talk about male bathrooms and ways to decorate them. I am sure you will find inspiration.

Every bathroom decor is based on walls and floor coverings, the design of the shower, bathtub and sink, and of course the vanity, if any. Choose your style and rock walls and floors accordingly, and fill the space with appliances and furniture if necessary.

Wash basins, wash basin stands or vanity units

Why did I put them all in one category? Because a sink is a must in every bathroom, but in male bathrooms you may not see a vanity because sometimes a sink is enough. If we take cool masculine vanity units and wash basin stands, it can be a wooden vanity unit for a textured look, concrete for a modern or minimalist bathroom, marble or stone vanity unit that is a durable and chic choice. It’s up to you to have storage spaces like drawers or open shelves or not. The vanity can float or stand on brass legs, with a stone top or not – see what is better for your bathroom!

For sinks, we recommend keeping them dark or transparent, stone or concrete or even metal for a cool look. You can also find monolith options made of marble, Corian, or stone that already have towel rails so there is no need for vanities.


If you decide to go for a bathtub, go for it! It should definitely be free-standing, on cool, nifty legs or without, keep it dark, for example matte black for a masculine look. Your bathtub can be made of metal, stone, marble, Corian, whatever you want. We recommend an atmospheric look and dark shades, even if it can be white inside. Freestanding copper tubs are ideal for Art Deco interiors, and wood-paneled tubs add a cozy feel to the bathroom look.

have a shower

A shower is always annoying in any bathroom with or without a bathtub. If you go for a cool masculine style shower, you need something moody and dark, it won’t look gloomy, it will be relaxing and calming, believe me! Dark tiles, stone, concrete, marble – whatever material you like, everything will be fine! Get inspired!

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